Examples of sites that I have worked on incorporating Web Standards and various technologies listed. I've attempted to include many of the public sites that are still available currently. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending), many of the projects I have worked on in previous positions are either no longer available or development has long since been taken over by others, so you probably shouldn't infer much from viewing the source on currently available public pages except for my latest work at Kalkomey.

Additionally, proprietary or internal projects that are included have had their contents obfuscated due to their private nature.

Kalkomey Enterprises

Narrow section of the Boat Ed home page screenshot.

My current employer, Kalkomey is the premier provider of recreational education, both online and in-classroom. Their properties include Boat Ed, Hunter Ed, Offroad Ed,and many others. Since starting there, I have been leading front-end development in relaunching online courses using HTML5, implementing responsive design, and providing alternatives to the interactive Flash elements using JavaScript or other means. For example, we moved all our video hosting to Vimeo to take advantage of their spiffy HTML5 player.

There are still some examples of older websites that predate me coming onboard, so you can see the difference when compared to the latest versions. The latest versions of the sites are using the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

Captura Consulting

Narrow section of the Captura home page screenshot.

A business site for a Dallas-based technology services firm. I worked with the fine people at Captura (before they melded into projekt202) to re-launch their site on Expression Engine. Development has since been taken over by the, again, fine people there, and probably is defunct altogether since the previously-mentioned merger.

Designed by Matt Donovan.

Arrington Outdoor

Narrow section of an Arrington Outdoors home page screenshot.

A business site for a Dallas-based billboard advertising firm.

Designed by Matt Donovan.

SharePoint Portals

Narrow section of an SharePoint home page screenshot.

At EMC, I have been involved in many projects deploying SharePoint. As these are almost exclusively internal portals, I don't have examples to show of that work. However, I completed an example of a SharePoint redesign for an entry on the (now defunct) 404UXD blog, based on an unused design from Jared Christensen. The source is not available for this either; mainly since I wouldn't want anyone to mistake SharePoint's code for my own.

Focus on Hospitals

Narrow section of an Focus on Hospitals reports page screenshot.

Missouri Hospital Association's public information site for providing hospital and clinic care statistics. Part of a state-wide health consumer education project. Now defunct, bits of the site can still be seen deep within the bowels of

Designed by Geniant and Pixelight Creative.